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“My eleven-year old friend, Abigail, is a war-orphaned prostitute.” 

She isn’t anymore. Abigail, along with countless other young girls in Liberia, is now a student—and her future is bright. All because of Katie Meyler; All because One Person Acted. 

One Person Acted and Everything Changed is the answer to an important question: “Can I change the world?” Our world is chock-full of dire and complex situations, seemingly too large for any one of us to take on—the stories you are holding in your hands prove otherwise. No matter your circumstances, you can change this world. Absolutely. Among other inspiring stories in One Person Acted, you will read the riveting accounts of: 

• The owner of an insurance company who in just two years has saved the lives of nearly 15,000 fleeing migrants from drowning in the Mediterranean, Aegean, and Andaman Seas. 

• A psychiatrist who has lifted millions of people out of poverty across the world. 

• A recovering heroin addict, homeless from the age of 11, who now leads a fearless rescue team that has saved thousands upon thousands of suffering animals from horrific situations. 

• A photographer who surrendered his coveted position at National Geographic to inspire hundreds of millions of people across the world to take action against environmental destruction. 

One million times a month people around the world ask Google how to change the world. Perhaps you wonder the same. We invite you to let the stories in this book light the way.

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About the Author

The author of several published articles and two books, Deborah Rohan is also a professional speaker, trainer, and coach. She is the founder of One Person Acted, a social enterprise that guides individuals and organizations to consider their impact on the world, encouraging them to become conscious, committed world changers as they fully live out their own life purpose. Deborah’s message is enriched by 25 years experience bringing diverse cultures together, first as conflict mediator and diversity trainer, and later working to improve relationships between the West and the Middle East through leading dialogue and shared experiences. She served as Executive Director of two non-profits, including a Middle East center at a major university, and a non-profit she co-founded dedicated to building peace between East and West. Deborah is a certified trainer of The Success Principles™, having been personally taught by Jack Canfield, one of the world’s top transformational leaders and author of the Success Principles. As part of this elite group of trainers, she collaborates with fellow certified trainers to present workshops locally, nationally, and globally.