Peak Performance with Success Principles

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.
— William Barclay


Sometimes we forget we have the right and the power to make choices, and make them at any stage of life. We forget we can dream, and that we each have something powerful inside ourselves to able to turn those dreams into reality. You do have the power, the ability, and even the responsibility to make your own life amazing, and you also have the power to make the world a better place.



Our highly interactive workshops are fun, experiential, and designed to bring true transformational results to participants. You will discover potential within yourself that translates into immediate action, allowing you to begin putting your life on a course for greater happiness, success, and true meaning.

Workshops are offered in several formats*

  • Half-day Intensives

  • Weekend Immersions

  • Destination Retreats

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Everything stems from getting in touch with your life purpose. When you align your choices and actions with your life purpose, you will be far more successful in creating a vision and reaching your goals. Life will flow more easily, and you will experience more joy in all that you do.

This workshop intensive will help you dive deep to discover your purpose, passions, and joys. Using a variety of holistic modalities that engage your head, heart, body, mind, and spirit, you will tap into that which brings you fulfillment. You will find clarity about how to live the life you were meant to live. Not only will you decide what you want, you’ll learn to believe it’s possible. 




Once your purpose and passions are clearer to you, and you are eager to take ownership of your life and your future, it's time to clarify your vision and build a plan by creating clear and measurable goals. These won't be just any goals... these are your dreams taking shape. Whether they are personal in nature or global in perspective, you have the power to realize them once you design a plan to make that happen.

In this half-day intensive, you will learn how to set specific and measurable goals that are believable to you. You will learn the importance of communicating your goals to others, making them feel real. You'll learn how to get specific, from the content to the time frame for reaching them. Perhaps most importantly, you'll learn to deal with the inevitable roadblocks  -- both internal and external -- that you are sure to find along your path. Expecting those roadblocks and knowing how to deal with them in a positive manner will be the difference in reaching them. 



TAKE ACTION   Knowing what your dreams and goals are and creating a game plan to achieve them is just the beginning. The magic happens when you act on your plan. Learn to prepare for success by cleaning up your incompletes, and practicing positivity and gratitude. Learn to overcome fear, and begin to lean into your new endeavors. Discover new tools of success, like building a support team to keep you on track. Practice the critically important habits of asking for what you want, and using feedback to correct your course.





RELEASE THE BRAKES   Despite our conscious efforts to effect change, reach our goals, and live our purpose more fully, our subconscious mind can often play havoc with our best practices and intentions. In order to reach our goals, we have to recognize and reframe the subconscious beliefs we have formed over a lifetime to remove negative images and thoughts that prevent us from taking risks and succeeding in new ventures. Rather than working harder or employing more will power to reach your goals and live your purpose fully, you will find greater success when you "release the brakes" and let go of limiting beliefs.  



For a deep and uninterrupted experience immerse yourself in a weekend of inspiration, learning, self-discovery, planning, and "acting as if" that will move you onto the path you've been seeking. You will clarify your purpose, ignite your passion, create a plan of action, overcome personal roadblocks, and prepare yourself to change your world and our world. 


The outer work cannot be great if the inner work is small.
— Meister Eckhard

Are you more comfortable working one-on-one or a small group than you are in a larger workshop? Do you have a group of employees, or like-minded friends or colleagues you would like to work with? Or perhaps your schedule is too busy to take time off to attend a workshop, but still want to grow and evolve?  Or perhaps you know the benefits of  individual support after a workshops ends?


Regardless of your incentive, a One Person Acted coach will teach you the same principles, techniques, and training you would learn in a workshop; the difference is you can work from your own home or office, scheduling sessions around your life. 

All you'll need is a computer and an internet connection to enjoy face-to-face individual or group coaching wherever you are in the world. You can even use a phone to call in if you are traveling or without a computer.

There is something more in this world for you; and it is within your power to make your life, your career, your health, your very being, infinitely better.

Coaching sessions are 60 minutes in length.

Coaching sessions are scheduled to fit your life.

Per session cost:  $75.00

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