Sustainability Training for Employees

An intrinsic connection to one’s work and one’s company is what truly drives performance, inspires discretionary effort and improves well being.

Your company stands out as a leader of sustainability. You care about your impact on the environment. You care about your impact on your employees, your investors, your vendors, and all of society. And naturally, you care about making a profit. In fact, your company understands the link between profit and sustainability, and recognizes the unlimited opportunities awaiting those bold leaders who are turning global and local challenges into a great business success.

The question is, do your employees understand and embrace your company’s reasons for a having a sustainable strategy? How much more engaged would they be with your mission if they

√ Made the connection between global challenges and the company’s strategic goals?

√ Deeply understood the challenges we face on the planet today and in the coming years and decades?

√ Understood the importance of social responsibility?

√ Embraced ideas of triple bottom line and circular economies.

Could see exactly where their personal concerns about the world are matched with your company’s mission?

Success-oriented organizations recognize the need to be on the leading edge of trends and change, staying out in front of the most educated and aware among their employees.

One Person Acted offers you multiple avenues to enrich, support, and strengthen the individuals who collectively make your mission possible.  Employees will appreciate your efforts to include them in bringing positive personal, organizational, and global change.


  • Strengthen Bonds Between Employees

  • Motivate Employees to Be Active Local and Global Citizens




 By helping each member of your staff discover their own life purpose, and then finding ways their purpose can align with the organization’s mission, is the surest way to make creativity soar and productivity pop. The workplace also becomes more cohesive and fun. Everyone wins.


 Our certified trainers will teach your staff recognized Principles of Success, accelerating their personal achievement while creating breakthrough results for the organization as a whole.

The more individuals in your organization who understand and practice these success principles, the greater the level of success the entire organization will reach together. Using powerful exercises, activities, and group experiences that create strong bonds, workshop participants will develop a commitment to personal growth, and the workplace will operate on a more results-oriented path, with employees taking on personal responsibility in the workplace.


Progressive organizations are aware their employees have deep concerns about the many global challenges we face in the world today. Today’s workforce is eager to be educated on precisely what those challenges are, and how as individuals they may contribute to the betterment of the world in their professional endeavors as well as their personal lives.

By providing your staff with meaningful, educational seminars about ways they may contribute to the health of society and the planet, your organization can be at the forefront of helping build a thriving, just, and sustainable world for all.




Dedicating time for personal development pays off.  Whether it's a half-day, full day,  or a full weekend, organizations and individuals benefit from dedicating themselves to self-improvement, group cohesion, and a deeper connection between individuals. Customized in-house or offsite workshops are a great solution to building a cohesive and mission-based organization. 


With a warm and engaging style, Deborah Rohan inspires employees and volunteers to explore how they can authentically connect to the mission of the organization where they work by discovering their purpose, developing their full human potential, and finding ways to align their own purpose with the organizational mission.

Using case studies, employing humor, and presenting research, Deborah builds a case for commitment to purpose, growth, and connection within the group. Employees are motivated to improve their personal lives, be more engaged and professional in their work roles, and are inspired to help the world.

Lunchtime Learning Series

Whether it's discovering purpose, creating a vision, learning to take 100% responsibility, or setting individual and group goals, sometimes it is easier to absorb transforming ideas one bite at a time. One Person Acted offers Lunchtime Learning sessions to introduce and practice principles and skills that help develop the whole person and unleash hidden potential.

In-house, Lunchtime Learning Sessions can be custom-designed to fit your organizational needs.


For personalized work, we offer individual and small group coaching anywhere in the world. Using in-person or internet-based communication, we provide coaching sessions that provide consistency, flexibility and privacy. Coaching can stand alone or be combined with workshops and Lunchtime Learning sessions to deepen and develop concepts.

World Changer Symposium

The challenges we face worldwide require us to bring our best forward and work together globally as never before. Occasionally we offer free or low-cost seminars to educate and inform participants about many of our global challenges, and introduce ways they might participate in solving them.