The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.
— William Barclay

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide individuals and organizations with the inspiration, education, and tools they need to bring forth a life that is personally fulfilling, a society that is equitable and inclusive, and a planet that is sustainable.

What We Believe

Individually, we are each responsible for the state of our own lives. Collectively, we are responsible for the state of the world. That is a very empowering fact we often forget. 

When we discover our own life purpose, and when we learn what inspires us and what brings us joy, then we are able to use our natural gifts in the most fulfilling and productive manner possible. Armed with that invaluable knowledge, we need only learn the tools necessary to help us define and achieve our goals. 

Organizations thrive best when everyone involved knows their own life purpose, and they embrace the variety of ways their own purpose and values align with the organizational mission. When this synergy is recognized and felt, everyone feels more connected, and each person engages with the full richness of their talents and creativity. 

With so much to fix and accomplish in our lives, our organizations, and our world, and with so many promising opportunities to do so, we think it's time we all get started working together to build a satisfying, equitable, and sustainable world for all.

What We Offer

Free Programs

We offer free, transformative, educational symposium for the community and for organizations that explore the challenges facing humanity today, and the opportunities we have to create a new future. 

Fee-Based Services for Individuals

We work with individuals to discover their own purpose and passions, which, given the many societal influences each of us absorbs over a lifetime, can be difficult to discern. Using a holistic model of growth and development, we engage the whole person in the effort: the mind, body, emotions, imagination, intuition, will, and spirituality.

Once an individual's purpose grows clear, we help them find their path to living it fully by helping them set goals, create a plan to reach those goals in all areas of life, from career, to health, to relationships, to contributing their talents to better the world. We also help individuals understand and overcome the obstacles that have been holding them back from thriving at the highest, possible level.

Fee-Based Services for Organizations

Within organizations, we work with individuals at every level to help each person discover where and how their own purpose aligns with the organization’s mission. Understanding and feeling that alignment helps each person feel connected to others they work with, as well as to the bigger mission, which results in better job performance and enhances job satisfaction. 

With a connected and mission-based employee base, it’s time to introduce Principles of Success. These core lessons raise productivity and commitment to the highest levels possible. Employees find greater life and work satisfaction, and organizations thrive.